Car Bulbs – Types, Uses, and Features

Car Bulbs

The car bulbs have different names based on the positions they have in the car. The bulbs in the front are headlights; the lights in the back are rear lights. While there is a third bulb- the brake lights. The brake lights turn on when the car is about to brake, alerting the vehicles behind it to slow down.

The purpose of these lights is to illuminate the way in front of the car. The light from the bulbs is strong enough to act as a safety measure while driving. They are of great use in dark roads and rainy conditions. 

Always Have Functioning Bulbs

It is imperative to have functional bulbs in your car. Best car headlight bulbs in India remain functional as they can guide you on the roads in unexpected circumstances. It reduces the chances of accidents. The bulbs direct the light in a certain direction, ensuring it illuminates the path ahead and does not scatter too much.

It is always preferable to keep car accessories items like replacement bulbs in your car. If either of the car headlights stops working in the middle of the road, you can replace them. Please park your car to the side and replace it. Driving with a dysfunctional bulb is not only dangerous but also illegal.

Types of Car Bulbs in Car by Property

  • LED Bulbs

LED car bulbs are the most commonly used. Such headlights are the best options a driver can install on their bike. The LED headlights are energy efficient and provide excellent brightness.

They illuminate yards ahead of the biker, giving a broad area vision for their safety. LED lights are the best to use while on a long journey. These lights have a long shelf life. The LED lights last for years in the end, provided there is proper maintenance. The LED lights of a car are also highly energy efficient.

LED car bulbs do not consume much fuel. They, therefore, do not waste any energy and cause any drag when the biker is riding the bike. The LED lights will remain intact even in a low-impact collision or skidding incident. The LED bulbs of the car headlights have a long lifespan.

These lights do not need any extra equipment to cool down. They can cool down independently since they do not heat up that intensely.

  • Halogen Headlights

Halogen lights are the most common lights for car headlights. They provide increased levels of visibility on the road. The light from the halogen bulb lasts a long.

Halogen car bulbs are energy-efficient and last more than standard lights. They have 110% energy efficiency. The lamps of halogen lights have excellent resilience as well. The strength of the halogen bulb is due to the robust filament design that makes the light last longer.

  • Xenon Bulbs

Xenon lights for car headlights have gained popularity. These bright lights have a high colour temperature. These lights are stylish and allow car drivers to see the road ahead quickly.

The colour of the light from the car bulbs is a calm hue making this light easy on the eyes. These lights do not have a glaring effect. The xenon lights have ten times more brightness than the halogen lights. The light is whiter and bluish and thus more relaxing on the eyes. The xenon lights also produce less heat.

Lights Based on Their Positions

  • Indicators

The car’s indicators are some of its most important lights. These lights help you “indicate” how you will manoeuvre the car to other drivers, cyclists and bikers. It tells them if you will take the left or right turns. 

You must turn on the indicator way ahead of when you take the turn; it allows the drivers behind you to take notice of it. They can slow down accordingly to allow you to take the turn safely. Not turning the indicator on violates traffic law and can lead to accidents. 

  • Rear Lights

The car bulbs that you use in the car have various positions. The lights on the back of the car and the rear lights are essential for traffic safety. These lights indicate a gear change when you are backing up or want to switch lanes.

The red rear lights have a wavelength wide enough to reach a considerable distance. The red lamp makes the rear lights visible from a long distance.

  • Fog Lights

The fog lights are strong enough to cut through the intense fog clouds and mist and illuminate the road ahead for the driver. It reduces the chances of accidents in extreme weather conditions. You can mount the fog lights in front of the car.

With the car bulbs from Carorbis, you will have a guaranteed safe trip on your journey. Proper maintenance and following the traffic rules while wearing seatbelts will make road trips pleasant with appropriate lighting from the headlights.

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